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Xenos Armies

Xenos Armies

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Boarding Patrol: Leagues of Votann
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Boarding Patrol: Leagues of...

269,83 złCena

The Leagues of Votann unite powerful trade Guilds, advanced technologists, and resilient warriors in grand ventures beyond the galactic core. Their Oathbands are equipped with potent weapons, formidable armour, and engineered clone bodies, allowing them to claim resources and vanquish threats in the most hostile environments – even the bowels of a space hulk.

Arks of Omen: Farsight...

71,46 złCena

Commander Farsight may have his differences with the T'au Empire, but none dispute his status as one of the finest generals and warriors of their kind. Show your loyalty to this maverick with a set of stunning Farsight Enclaves dice, featuring a two-colour icon on the 6 face!

Boarding Patrol: Drukhari

222,67 złCena

The depraved Drukhari are masterful marauders, despatching raiding parties to hunt down prisoners for the fighting pits, slaves to serve in their Dark City, or simply victims whose pain will satisfy their terrible soul-hunger. The Wych Cults of Commorragh often board hapless vessels and drifting space hulks in search of mortal plunder, turning claustrophic corridors into blood-slick arenas of death.

Boarding Patrol: Aeldari

254,38 złCena

The Aeldari were once the rulers of the galaxy, and now wander the galaxy aboard nomadic craftworlds and Corsair fleets. The warriors of this ancient species fight with superlative skill, boarding intruding craft and ill-omened space hulks to protect what remains of their fallen empire.

Boarding Patrol:...

238,12 złCena

The hideously warped followers of the Genestealer Cults infest every corner of Imperial space, forever plotting to spread their fervent devotion and genetic taint. Such cults will even hijack spaceborne vessels and ancient, drifting space hulks in an effort to overthrow their oppressors, employing ambush and subterfuge to outmanoeuvre their enemies through twisting and shadowy walkways. When the Day of Ascension arrives, they will be ready.

Hive Guard

151,94 złCena

Hive Guard are heavily armoured gun-beasts bound to extremely powerful symbiotic bio-weapons. They are created to guard the Tyranid Hive Ships and capillary towers that stand sentinel over prey worlds, until such time as intruders come within range of their deadly weapons.

Boarding Patrol: Tyranids

254,38 złCena

Like the questing tendrils of some impossibly vast monster, the Tyranid hive fleets push deeper into the galaxy with every passing day. For every swarm destroyed by desperate defenders, another three drift into the light of beleaguered stars, ready to do battle. The Tyranids cannot be bought off, reasoned with, or put to flight – only fought or fled from. Against their seemingly inexhaustible numbers and endless hunger, even the thick hulls of voidborne craft cannot offer true safety from the Hive Mind.

Goff Rocker

86,09 złCena

Goff Rocker is the frontman of the most egregious and obnoxiously loud band in the history of the galaxy. While his Ork brethren bring the Waaagh! to the battlefield, he provides the soundtrack to a krumpin’.

Codex: Leagues of Votann

105,60 złCena

The Kin are a clone race of resilient and pragmatic warriors, who together form the ancient Leagues of Votann. Massed into mighty Oathbands, they emerge from the stellar tumult of the galactic core to conquer worlds, claim resources, and lay waste to any who threaten their Holds.

Datacards: Leagues of Votann

54,38 złCena

Datacards make referencing your rules in battle easy. Containing quick-reference cards for Stratagems and psychic powers, this pack is perfect for helping you keep track of crucial rules with all the skill and acuity expected from the Kin of the Leagues of the Votann.

Ûthar the Destined

79,59 złCena

As the most accomplished hero of the Greater Thurian League, Ûthar the Destined is a Kâhl marked for greatness. His clone-birth was an event shrouded in wonder and Votannic prophecy, foretelling an uncertain fate that he has spent his whole life striving and sacrificing to prepare for. Few can assess the foe as swiftly or mercilessly as Ûthar and – once he has his enemies’ measure – he soon cuts them to pieces with the glowing Blade of the Ancestors.

Einhyr Hearthguard

121,05 złCena

Clad in formidable exo-armour and equipped with a fearsome array of weaponry, Einhyr Hearthguard are a force to be reckoned with. Whether forming bodyguards around their Oathband's heroes or striking deep into the heart of enemy territory, they are all but unstoppable on the attack and nigh-immovable in defence.

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