Grand Alliance Order

Grand Alliance Order

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Spearhead: Cities of Sigmar
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Spearhead: Cities of Sigmar

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The Cities of Sigmar are bastions of light and hope in realms embattled by darkness. With faith and overwhelming firepower, their mortal armies fight back against the fiend, the monster, and the wraith.

Spearhead: Stormcast Eternals
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Spearhead: Stormcast Eternals

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Stormcast Eternals are each forged in Azyr by Sigmar's own hand. Riding thunderbolts, they arrive on the battlefield with an ear-splitting thunderclap, ready to face the forces of Chaos, Death and Destruction.

Dawnbringers: Daughters of Khaine – Krethusa's Cronehost
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Dawnbringers: Daughters of...

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Krethusa the Croneseer is a renegade prophet and her rise to prominence has rocked the cult of Khaine to its core. In battle, she calls upon her powers of foresight and shadow magic to annihilate those who stand in the path of aelven destiny.

Stormcast Eternals: Ionus...

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Ionus Cryptborn is a living legend, descending like a silent shadow over the most beleaguered of battlefields. His prayers are capable of calling down wicked maelstroms of lightning that can smash through sieges, and electrocute armies.

Sylvaneth: Belthanos First...

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Belthanos leads the eternal hunt that keeps his master Kurnoth’s spirit in bloom. Cloaked in leaves and riding atop a Carnelian Greatspite made of pure life magic, he chases down those who would harm Ghyran so that his howling followers might rip them apart.

Battleforce: Seraphon –...

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The reptilian Seraphon strive tirelessly to advance the Great Plan of the Old Ones, returning true order and balance to realms warped by the Dark Gods. Their armies see cold-blooded saurians and ferocious scaled beasts fight together as a potent force – a fusion of predatory violence and esoteric cosmic power that few can withstand.

Dawnbringers: Sylvaneth -...

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Belthanos, the First Thorn of Kurnoth, leads the eternal hunt that keeps his master’s spirit in bloom. Cloaked in evergreen and riding atop a Carnelian Greatspite made of pure life magic, he chases down those who would harm Ghyran so that his howling Revenant Seeker and Kurnoth Hunter followers might rip them apart.

Dawnbringers: Stormcast...

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Ionus Cryptborn is a living legend who descends like a silent shadow over the most beleaguered battlefields on the back of his terrifying Draconith, Cthorak. Accompanying him into battle are his Stormwing – a pair of mighty Stormdrake Guard who ride their own impressive Draconith mounts. When a host of mighty Draconith, such as these, take flight, they unleash the most righteous fury of Sigmar.

Freeguild Cavalier-Marshal

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Freeguild Cavalier-Marshals command their Free City's forces from horseback, and are nigh-unstoppable on the charge. They galloping hard into the enemy, seeking the perfect moment to collapse their battleline in a single decisive attack. Though they often carry the weight of a Dawnbringer Crusade upon their shoulders, these Marshals are inspiring champions who are well used to leading by example.

The Blacktalons

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From scions of the Dark Gods to marauding orruk warlords, threats to Sigmar’s people lurk in every corner of the realms. Neave Blacktalon, the God-King’s foremost assassin, is tasked with puting down these fell champions. In battle, Neave travels upon winds of magic to unleash storms of never-ending axe blows. Fighting alongside her are the Blacktalons, a band of tightly knit companions, each a warrior of deadly renown.

Alchemite Warforger

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Alchemite Warforgers are specialist wizards who wield the raw energies of Chamon. As muscular and sweaty as any mundane blacksmith, these mages pluck glowing runecubes from their crucibles, channelling metallurgic magic to destroy their foes. Their arcane alchemy can change the properties of not only metal, but reality itself.

Pontifex Zenestra,...

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Pontifex Zenestra is the revered leader of the Cult of the Wheel – one of the more influential Sigmarite faiths found throughout the Free Cities. As the Matriarch gives her inspiring battlefield sermons, the raw celestial power of the God-King crackles out from her sacred palanquin to incinerate blasphemers, whilst devoted acolytes bludgeon and hew any foolish enough to approach her without permission. The Great Wheel turns, and the driving force is faith.