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Age of Sigmar: Na początek

Age of Sigmar: Na początek

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Dawnbringers: Book V – Shadow of the Crone
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Dawnbringers: Book V –...

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Shaken by the horrors they have witnessed, the heroes of the Twin-Tailed Crusade venture boldly onwards, and an unexpected ally arrives who may prove vital to the survival of the entire expedition.

Saviours of Cinderfall
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Saviours of Cinderfall

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The Saviours of Cinderfall root out the horrors found in the backstreets and hidden catacombs of the God-King’s free cities. Witch Hunter Hanniver Toll, his companion Armand Callis, and a motley retinue of hired blades fight a secret war to keep the Cities of Sigmar from sliding into disorder and bloodshed.

Dawnbringers: Book IV – The...

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In the mountains of Ghyran, the lunatic Mortarch Ushoran and his courtiers revel – and, in their chivalric delusions, they would see the Dawners join their feast. Meanwhile, the scorn of a vampiric queen puts the Aqshian expedition in dire peril, pushing them to their very limits to survive.

Da Red Gobbo's Surprise

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Celebrate the season of giving with this very generous Red Gobbo, ready to drop some "presents" on his favourite Imperial citizens. Designed as a miniature diorama, fans of all stripes will enjoy this highly collectable Warhammer Commemorative Series model, only available for the 2023 holiday season.

Dawnbringers: Book III –...

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As the Aqshian expedition flees the ruins of Trucebreak, its soldiers find themselves hemmed in on all sides. The Goretide, legendary warriors of Khorne, have returned to the Great Parch – straight into the Dawnbringers’ only path of escape. Meanwhile, in the forests of Ghyran, ogors are on the rampage, and the ground splits open into horrifying pits that seek to set themselves on Marshal Thorian’s soldiers. Worst of all, this may only be the beginning of their woes – a furious tattoo echoes from the west, and an even greater threat may be afoot.

Age of Sigmar: Reign of the...

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The Twin-Tailed Crusade is the greatest Dawnbringer expedition ever assembled. Across Aqshy and Ghyran, it plunges into the untamed wilds of the Mortal Realms, tasked by the Grand Conclave of Hammerhal with the foundation of two mighty strongholds. Yet the crusade's two armoured columns soon find themselves facing the wrath of titans.

Dawnbringers: Book I –...

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The Dawnbringer Crusades – grand wars to reclaim land under the shadow of Chaos – have struck out across the realms, driven by the resolve of humble folk and the command of the God-King. As the Era of the Beast rages, the lords of Hammerhal prepare a crusade of staggering vision. Yet beyond their walls, champions and instigators rally their legions, while in the corridors of power, corruption festers.

General's Handbook: Pitched...

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The 2023-24 season of Warhammer Age of Sigmar brings a full 12 months of battles to Andtor, the Bitter Land – a continent shuddering under the Everwinter, desperate to escape the clutches of its glacial neighbour. Here, primal magic runs wild, and those who can harness it will find survival and success on the battlefield.

Realmscape: Thondian...

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As the Era of The Beast rages on, the savage Realm of Ghur awakens. A wellspring of primordial energy has burst its banks, and the bone-strewn plains and blood-soaked swamps of Thondia are consumed by war. Rival powers battle over arid wastes littered with the ruins of forgotten kingdoms, wary expeditions navigate murky, shifting marshes that echo with monstrous roars, and armies fight for dominance around the skeletons of massive beasts and half-built outposts. Yet all this pales before the rise of a fierce new force in the cosmos: the mystical incarnates, the essence of the realms made manifest.

Warhammer Quest: Cursed City

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At the heart of Shyish, the ancient city of Ulfenkarn stands upon the precipice of doom. The cruel vampire lord Radukar the Wolf has transformed this once-proud city into nothing more than a feasting table for him and his coterie of malicious servants. Now, a group of heroes seek to lift the curse and free the city.

Age Of Sigmar: Extremis

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The Soul Wars are over, but a new conflict brews in the Realm of Beasts. It is a time of great change in the Mortal Realms. A surge of life sweeps across the eight realms to force back the tide of death left in the Necroquake’s wake, and the forces of Order waste no time in laying claim to the newly rejuvenated land.

Age Of Sigmar: Harbinger

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It is a time of great change in the Mortal Realms. A surge of life sweeps across the eight realms to force back the tide of death left in the Necroquake’s wake, and the forces of Order waste no time in laying claim to the newly rejuvenated land.