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Warcry: Sundered Fate

349,50 złCena

The first expansion for the new edition of Warcry has arrived, bringing with it two new warbands – the sinister Jade Obelisk and the stealthy Hunters of Huanchi – along with a host of carnivorous Gnarlwood terrain. In addition to these models, you'll find a double-sided game board with matching artwork, a book with background information and the rules for both warbands and the included terrain pieces, and a set of battleplan and warband cards to keep your games running smoothly.

Warcry: Rotmire Creed

121,86 złCena

The Rotmire Creed are artisans of virology, relentless in their pursuit of the perfect plague. A swamp-dwelling cult that worships Nurgle in his aspect as Lord Leech, their blowpipe darts and cruel barbs are daubed with deadly alchemical contagions. Once unleashed, these diseases spread quickly through the ranks of their enemies – a testament to their infectious craft.

Warcry: Horns of Hashut

121,86 złCena

The Horns of Hashut are heralds of ruin and desolation, relentless destroyers sent forth by the Father of Darkness. Each region they conquer is pulverised, stripped, and rendered barren for the industrial tyranny of their daemonic god. The Horns of Hashut wage war like a raging taurus, stampeding over their foe to crush them entirely, swinging heavy weapons while unleashing cruel devices of duardin design – choking ash bombs and infernal flamehurlers.

Warcry: Warband Tome – Rot...

71,46 złCena

Originally found in the Heart of Ghur boxed set, this 64-page book is now available on its own for anyone interested in playing the Horns of Hashut and Rotmire Creed.

Hunters of Huanchi Dice Set

79,59 złCena

You are the eyes of the Unseen Hunter, the warriors of Huanchi himself. Shouldn't your dice reflect your vaunted status? This set of themed dice will show your dedication to protect the ruins of Talaxis.

Horns of Hashut Dice Set

79,59 złCena

When the Father of Darkness calls you to war, pray you’re not found wanting. This set of themed dice will show your opponent that you’re all in with the Horns of Hashut, ready to unleash cold steel and hot fury.

Rotmire Creed Dice Set

79,59 złCena

Lord Leech is calling your warband to action. Show him you mean business with this set of themed dice, matching the repulsive aesthetic of your Rotmire Creed warband.

Jade Obelisk Dice Set

79,59 złCena

The Speaker in the Stone wants you to tear down the false idols of your enemies. This set of themed dice will show your opponent that you’re prepared to crush them into so much rubble.

Warcry: Core Book

95,03 złCena

This book is an essential companion for anyone setting out to explore the Gnarlwood – whether you're an experienced player or founding your first warband.

Warcry: Compendium

89,34 złCena

Warcry: Compendium is your ultimate guide to assembling a Warcry warband to enter the depths of the Gnarlwood, accompanied by a powerful following of thralls, monsters, and allies. Within you will find a comprehensive list of rules for the second edition of Warcry, allowing you to command warriors from each of the Grand Alliances that dominate the Mortal Realms.

Chaos Legionnaires

127,55 złCena

Chaos Legionnaires are elite, well-armed, and highly disciplined – yet though they march alongside the armies of the Dark Gods, these warbands have a shadowy agenda of their own. Sworn to the First Prince, the Legionnaires uphold a secret religion known as the Dark Creed, and strive with each victory to sow confusion, reap dissent, and bring their Dark Master closer to his insidious ascension.

Centaurion Marshal

85,28 złCena

Centaurions are terrifying creatures, their strength and skills honed in the Varanspire's warpits. Charging headlong into the fray on iron-hard hooves, Centaurions wreak havoc with each of the deadly weapons gripped in their four arms – ensnaring, skewering, bludgeoning, and trampling any who stand before them. The Marshals are the strongest amongst their kind, risen from the arena into the ranks of powerful warbands and legions – yet despite their bestial ferocity, these are also creatures of great cunning and subtlety, sworn to gather warbands in shadowy service to their Dark Master.

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