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    A thousand years ago, Italy was in the grip of the Middle Ages. Various comuni competed for dominance over the peninsula. As the ruler of a powerful comune, you must guide your people in the development of all aspects of society: economics, religion, culture, and military.

     The other comuni are also waking from the long dark sleep of the Middle Ages, and they will compete with you for supremacy in these areas. In the end, only one comune will stand dominant, so the struggle will often be fierce! But Italy is not an island. Foes lurk at the edges of your domain, awaiting the opportunity to strike against you. No comune could hope to stand alone against these mighty foes, so you will have to set aside your differences long enough to prepare a common defense with your competitors! Can you balance the needs of development and defense and guide your comune to its rightful placeat the pinnacle of achievement? Or will you be just another quiet town among the comuni?

     Object of the game.

      Raise the prestige of your comune building palaces, churches, libraries and castles. Fortify your city with strong walls ans a large army.

     Mighty foes from foreign countries look at your rich city. They will try to conquer your comune. Ally yourself with your rivals to organize a common defende against the invaders.

     The wisest and smartest administrator will write his/her name into the books of history.



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