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Slaves to Darkness

Slaves to Darkness

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Slaves to Darkness: Darkoath Brand's Oathbound
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Slaves to Darkness:...

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The Brands are regarded as an especially ruthless tribe of Darkoath warriors. To command such esteem demands malign strength and scant pity. Gunnar Brand and his Oathbound are champions of just such fell calibre. They seek to earn the strength offered by the Dark Gods in the traditional manner of Darkoath warlords – by swearing to complete the most gruelling and bloody-minded of deeds in their name.

Slaves to Darkness: Darkoath Fellriders
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Slaves to Darkness:...

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The Darkoath prize speed and agility above all in their light cavalry. Fellriders are mounted daredevils, outflanking their foes on lightning-swift and aggressive mounts, riddling their ranks with volleys of javelins before charging in to deal the killing blow.

Slaves to Darkness: Darkoath Chieftain on Warsteed
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Sat astride blade-masked warsteeds, flanks strewn with the skulls of slain challengers, Darkoath Chieftains survey the battlefield. With keen eyes, they look for weaknesses in the enemy’s formation, much as an alpha wolf selects the most vulnerable prey to hunt. They are superlative warriors, and once the slaughter has begun, their furious blows inevitably reap a fearsome toll of lives.

Slaves to Darkness: Darkoath Marauders
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Slaves to Darkness:...

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Darkoath Marauders are trained in the ways of battle from a young age, born into tribes that take pride in strength and survival above all else. These ferocious raiders swear bloody oaths to their patron gods that they strive to fulfil by any means necessary, overwhelming even the most well-drilled foes with decisive fury, for they grow in power and glory with each completed pledge.

Slaves to Darkness: Abraxia's Varanspear
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Slaves to Darkness:...

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Of all those warlords who fight beneath the black banners of Archaon, few have earned the dark renown of Abraxia. She is a conqueror of formidable strength and determination, and foremost amongst the mighty Varanguard. Abraxia leads these unmatched warriors to battle against the forces of civilisation, and delights in reducing the weak to ruin.

Slaves to Darkness: Nexus Chaotica
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Slaves to Darkness: Nexus...

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A Nexus Chaotica is a shrine to ruin. Constructed at a confluence where magical ley lines converge, it draws power from the realms and into a floating crucible. Within are bound captive daemons, whose own infernal energies are exchanged with the ley lines – transmitting the corruptive energies of Chaos far and wide.

Slaves to Darkness: Darkoath Army Set
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Slaves to Darkness:...

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From the blood-soaked wilds of the Mortal Realms, they come, the merciless reavers of the Darkoath. Counted among the dreaded Slaves to Darkness, these fearsome human tribes have sworn vows of carnage and butchery beneath the gaze of their malevolent gods, and they will fulfil them at any cost – for if they fail, their souls are forfeit. Descendants of those unfortunate humans left behind when Sigmar retreated behind the Gates of Azyr, the Darkoath entered into pacts with the deities of ruin to endure the unendurable. As merciless as they are proud, they launch raids from their Chaos-corrupted homelands, fulfilling oaths of slaughter and vengeance.

Battleforce: Slaves to...

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The Slaves to Darkness march through the Mortal Realms in the name of the Dark Gods, ever pushing back against Sigmar’s dreams of peace and prosperity. They have suffered and sacrificed to conquer this land – and inflicted suffering in turn. Now none will halt their renewed advance, in a tide of blackened armour, twisted bulk, and trampling hooves.

Vanguard: Slaves to Darkness

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The Slaves to Darkness march across the Mortal Realms in the names of Archaon Everchosen, Be'lakor the Dark Master, and the Gods of Chaos themselves, ever-fighting to crush Sigmar's oppressive notions of peace. They have suffered and sacrificed to conquer this land – and inflicted untold suffering in turn. Now none will halt their renewed advance – the armoured tread of their warriors, bone-shaking hooves of knights, and grinding chariot wheels storm across the battlefield in a relentless tide.

Battletome: Slaves to Darkness

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The Slaves to Darkness pursue power at any cost. They’ve sold their souls to the Dark Gods in order to forge a path to supremacy, and their ill-gotten strength makes them a terrifying force indeed. Ironclad champions and diabolical sorcerers lead warbands of madmen, mutants, and monsters to savage every foe they encounter, offering each death as tribute to their fickle and demanding masters. In turn they are richly rewarded, though the gifts bestowed by the gods are not always what was asked for…

Chaos Warriors

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Chaos Warriors are the bane of the Mortal Realms, clad in hellforged iron and swollen with dark blessings. Entire legions of these armoured killers march to battle in search of divine favour, sworn by bloody rituals to the service of a mighty warlord. Each Chaos Warrior is the equal of several lesser mortals, and each harbours ambitions to become mightier still.

Chaos Knights

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Chaos Knights ride at the forefront of any ruinous host, and their coming heralds the death of empires. These dreaded champions charge into the deadliest of battles without a moment's fear, seeking the glory that is theirs by right. Impaling enemies on ensorcelled lances and trampling formations beneath frenzied hooves, Chaos Knights sow havoc in an avalanche of blood and iron.