Railways Of The World

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    Rewrite the annals of history...and engrave your name alongside the world’s greatest railroad barons. Build your railroad empire across the Rails of the World and find out if you have the metal and the mettle to outwit and outmaneuver your opponents!

    30" x 36" mounted map of Eastern U.S.
    14.75"x24.5" mounted map of Mexico
    12 Railroad Baron Cards
    1 Start Player Card
    42 Railroad Operation Cards
    2 Rulebooks
    1 Score Track
    150 Plastic trains in 6 all new colors
    24 empty city markers (4 types)
    125 goods cubes (5 colors)
    Bond Certificates (54 notes in 3 denominations)
    Money (3 denominations)
    Track Tiles
    New City Tiles
    2 Golden Spike tiles
    Drawstring Bag

    Eagle Games


    Glenn Drover, Martin Wallace
    od 12 lat
    Czas gry:
    90 minut
    Liczba graczy:
    2-6 graczy


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    Railways Of The World

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